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True Friendship: They Carried Their Disabled Friend Around the World

True friendship often means making a sacrifice to meet the needs of someone we love.

In this case, the miracle of friendship can be found …

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Vagina Blowing & Other Fascinating Birthing Rituals From Around The World

As doulas, we often ask people what images come to mind when they think of childbirth. “Screaming,” “water breaking,” and “running …

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This Might Be the Exercise You Need to Master Handstand

Whether you’re trying to master balancing on your hands in your yoga or CrossFit class, this is great exercise to strengthen the upper body …

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Warning Signs Your Body is TOO Acidic and How to QUICKLY Alkalize It!

By now you’ve likely heard that acidity in your body can contribute to cancer, but do you know how to recognize the signs and fix

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This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Miraculous Fruit-Based Diet!

For many cancer patients, their diagnosis is simply the beginning of the end. For former model Candice-Marie Fox, however, it was the beginning of a

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I Never Knew Being Lazy Could Do This To My Brain! This Changes Everything

We are constantly being told that physical inactivity, and not making the most of every waking minute in life is the worst thing we can …

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7 Possible Causes of Ocular Tics

If you don’t know why you have ocular tics, pay attention. There are 7 things that could make you suffer from this problem from time

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