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6 Habits that May Be Affecting Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are the organs in charge of working all day to filter waste from your blood.

They process an estimated 190 liters of blood

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The Smart Ways to Save Money Fast (Even If You're a Big Spender)

Are you under the constant impression that you are barely making ends meet? It is almost impossible to treat yourself with something expensive, as you …

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Things that You Might Not Realize Make You Unattractive

Most of us usually strive to be a great person who is kind, attentive, and compassionate. But┬áthere might be some habits you have that …

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Why 1 French Doctor Says You Should Sleep Naked

Sweating during a workout is one thing, but sweating while you’re asleep feels icky. It’s also bad for your sleep hygiene, according to French cardiologist …

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10 Signs You're Ready To Let Go and Move On

Sometimes it’s far easier to hold on to the past…but we all need to let go and move on sometimes. 

Check out these ten signs

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Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative

Longtime cannabis advocate Rick Simpson has done a great deal in his long career to help advance cannabis therapies. Fortunately, we’re here to share more

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The Single Trait That Determines Your Success In Relationships & Attractiveness To Others

People fall into one of three categories according to Adam Grant, author of the runaway best-seller Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success: Givers,

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