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10 Foods That Guarantee Your Kids a High Fiber Intake!

Did you prepare that Cheesy Broccoli Bites, but your kids just curled up in the couch and refused to munch on it? It’s difficult to …

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The 1 Change I Made to Cure 10 Years of Feeling Bloated

Entering college was supposed to be all bliss and excitement, but I had such terrible digestive issues, I wouldn’t dare stray far from my dorm …

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Top 10 Vitamin K Rich Foods That You Need To Know (and Include in Your Diet!)

Experienced any recent nose bleeds? Or have you suddenly started bruising a tad too easy? Or is that brushing ritual making you gums bleed like …

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Strappy Sports Bras So Cute You'll Want to Show Them Off

There comes a time in every athlete’s week where they’ve had enough of those HIIT classes that require high-intensity sports bras and are ready to …

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5 Ways To Live With No Regrets, From Someone Who Has Cancer

What if I told you that, for me, being diagnosed with cervical cancer turned out to be a blessing in disguise? At age 31, I …

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The Best 12 Healthy Staples From Costco You Should Always Have on Hand

There are some healthy staples you always want to have on hand for meal prep, your favorite recipes, and any other kitchen experiments. But these …

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7 Great Tips to Avoid Fluid Retention and Improve Your Circulation

Edema, otherwise known as fluid retention, is a problem that has become alarmingly more common in recent years.

Although it’s not a disease by itself, …

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