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Scientists Confirm Cocoa Really Does Boost Memory, Brain Power and Cognitive Function

New research may help confirm: Cocoa is good for your brain. Chocolate lovers, rejoice!

While many studies have looked at this previously, a team of

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Many Couples Just Give up Too Early and Too Easily

We’ve all had the dream. You see the man or woman of our dreams across a crowded room. Your eyes lock. And at that moment …

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Organic Foods Backed by Landmark Report Warning Pesticides Far More Dangerous Than Was Thought

Current studies are revealing that pesticides on our food is much more toxic than previously thought. 

The European Parliament published research that highlights the “very

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New Solar Power Tree Can Light 5 Homes in Just 4 sq ft of Land

In this fascinating new technological innovation, a single solar tree may power half your block.

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The 30-Minute Dance-Cardio Workout That Models Love

Put on your boogie shoes and get ready to torch some calories with this modelFIT dance-cardio workout led by studio founder Vanessa Packer. Now you …

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The Genius 5-Second Trick That Will Keep Your Berries Fresh For Weeks

It’s one of the worst-feelings in the (food-related) world: buying a bunch of fresh, gorgeous berries at the farmers market or local store only to …

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